This event of international scope has made use of the mobilising and unifying force of sport and parasport to reach a public that is diverse in all respects. This Battle of Champions – Fight for Equalitysports gala, intended to draw attention to disability, has managed to cover a broad cultural range including sport, music, dance and song to turn the spotlight on the unique talent of disabled performers.

Many performers and athletes have come forward to support this awareness-raising event in all its aspects. It therefore serves as a perfect example of inclusion, tolerance and respect of difference. Under the sign of sharing, celebration, respect and solidarity, this gala event has managed to bring together as many as 4000 people at Exhibition Hall 12 of the Heysel complex at Brussels Expo.

It has raised awareness among the general public of parasport around an exceptional show mixing professional wrestling and boxing, a first in Europe. It has brought together big names from Belgium and abroad, famous in the world of sports, for an evening where they met champions from the world of paraboxing, parataekwondo and paratennis. Also, the general public mixed in around these branches of sport, raising awareness among people at all levels.