We are currently living through difficult circumstances, which require that we come together and take the necessary steps in our fight against the Coronavirus, Covid-19.
In response to this, the Foundation has produced audio recordings which can be accessed by all, and particularly with the blind and the partially sighted in mind. The transcription is a reiteration of the official directive available at www.info-coronavirus.be,with versions viewable in French, Dutch, English and German.

As far as is possible, please pass these guidelines on to those around you.

All information can be viewed at: https://www.infocoronavirus.be
Audio FR 1 :

Audio FR 2 :

Audio FR 3 :

Audio NL 1 :

Audio NL 2 :

AudioNL 3 :

Audio German 1 :

Audio German 2 :

Audio German 3 :

Audio English 1 :

Audio English 2 :

Audio English 3 :