Ensuring access to culture is one of our priorities. Our foundation has for several years supported the organisation of cultural trips for disadvantaged and vulnerable people with a disability. It provides the human resources and equipment to accompany these people during stays and cultural outings.

It has given them a chance to discover religious sites and historical monuments. It has enabled visits to shared human heritage for people who normally have no opportunity to enjoy these valuable cultural places
In addition to support by accompanying assistants, specialised guides have been provided to make these trip possible.
During these trips it was noted that in some towns and cities the amenities are reasonable but also that there are some mobility and access issues. Moves have been made towards collaboration with associations working in the disability sector in various towns and cities.
2014 : Stay in London, United Kingdom
2015 : Stay in Paris, France
2016 : Stay in Barcelona, Spain
2017 : Stay in Venice, Florence and Rome, Italy
2018 : Stay in Montreal, Canada – Collaboration and exchange with the Nazareth and Louis-Braille Institute.
2019 : Stay in Athens and Zakynthos, Greece