This major event organised at national level is based on the realisation that many disabled people do not get the attention they deserve and not properly rewarded for their skills or talents, but held also because there is a false and restricting image of the real potential of talented disabled persons.

Emphasising exchange, celebration, respect and emotion, this event has put quite exceptional people who have excelled in various disciplines and fields in the limelight.

The New Hope Foundation has made it possible to organise this nationwide event bringing together a large number of players at national level in front of more than 2000 people.

In the presence of representatives of civic society, the business world, the Belgian government and leading representatives of associations and societies, awards were given to women and men who have stood out in culture, education, work and sport. Awards were also conferred on the man and the woman of the year, and awards of merit and excellence were conferred at the same occasion.

A concert was given by able-bodied and disabled performers.