Three-year project on bilateral cooperation between Belgium and Morocco (2015 – 2017)

In order to give support and guidance to Moroccan students with visual impairment in their university courses, we have set up a pilot project at the University of Marrakech to foster their inclusion and to ensure that this unit is subsequently replicated at other universities in Morocco.

In the course of previous programmes, we have noted that partially sighted persons are usually treated as blind people and that there are no facilities at university level to help them.

We have also found that this disability is surrounded by a taboo, more specifically among girls who fear that they will be even more stigmatised than they already are, which is a real cultural problem.

Campaigns providing information and raising awareness have been conducted to tackle this situation and colloquiums have been held to stimulate the inclusion of these people.

We have also provided logistical and material aid by supplying white canes and Braille writing tablets in Marrakech.